FSFLA 2012 Registration Form

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This is the registration form for FSFLA 2012.


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The fees must be paid to the School's bank account:

Uno-e Bank
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IBAN: ES3902270001820201823142
Swift/BIC code: UNOEESM1
account holder: Carlos Martin-Vide, GRLMC
account holder's address: Avinguda Catalunya, 35, 43002 Tarragona, Spain)

Please mention FSFLA 2012 and your name in the subject. A receipt will be provided on site.


People registering on site at the beginning of the School must pay in cash. For the sake of local organization, however, it is much recommended to do it earlier.

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Eric Allender (Rutgers), Circuit Complexity: Recent Progress in Lower Bounds [introductory/advanced, 8 hours]

Amihood Amir (Bar-Ilan), Periodicity and Approximate Periodicity in Pattern Matching [introductory, 6 hours]

Ahmed Bouajjani (Paris 7), Automated Verification of Concurrent Boolean Programs [introductory/advanced, 8 hours]

Bruno Courcelle (Bordeaux), Automata for Monadic Second-order Model Checking [intermediate, 8 hours]

Jörg Flum (Freiburg), The Halting Problem for Turing Machines [introductory/advanced, 6 hours]

Aart Middeldorp (Innsbruck), Termination of Rewrite Systems [introductory/intermediate, 8 hours]

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