Submission of final papers

Submission deadline: June 25, 2012 for regular papers and for invited papers. The accepted papers are published in an LNCS volume entitled Theory and Practice of Natural Computing, 1st International Conference, TPNC 2012, Tarragona, Spain, October 2-4, 2012, Adrian-Horia Dediu, Carlos Martín-Vide, and Bianca Truthe (Eds).

Detailed technical instructions

Instructions for LNCS authors are available here. Before submitting your files please verify the following checkpoints.

Preparation steps

  1. Please take carefully into account the suggestions of the reviewers and make the necessary modifications to your paper.
  2. Follow the technical instructions (described in the next column); prepare your bibliography using BibTex together with the style splncs03.bst provided by Springer.
  3. There is a strict limit of 15 pages for regular contributions. This limit can not be surpassed in any case. For invited papers there is no limit on the number of pages.
  4. Fill in the copyright form (pdf, 65kB). It is sufficient for one of the authors to sign the copyright form.
  5. Pack your working files (tex file(s), pictures, splncs03.bst, a bibliography (.bib) file) into a zip archive.
  6. Click here to submit your files using your EasyChair author account; follow the instructions after login for uploading three files:
    • a zip archive with your source files,
    • a pdf version of your paper,
    • the signed copyright form.
    If you do not find the appropriate forms for sources and copyright, then probably you are still in the "papers for review" area of esychair. To move to LNCS proceedings just click on the menu LNCS.
  7. After submitting the files, EasyChair gives some messages. ONLY ONE warning message is allowed: Package amsmath Warning: Unable to redefine math accent \vec. The rest of warnings or errors should be solved by the authors making the appropriate corrections. Pay a special attention to overfull boxes!
  8. At least one author per paper should register. Papers that do not have a registered author who paid the fees by next July 1st, 2012 will be excluded from the proceedings. This will be strictly enforced. Follow the updated directions about the registration and payment procedure at TPNC 2012 registration page. Please notice that those who will register as students will need to show the proof of their status (student ID or university certificate) at the beginning of the conference.


In case of technical problems, please contact