2013 International Summer School on
Trends in Computing

Tarragona, Spain, July 22-26, 2013

SSTiC 2013 Registration Form

(form version 1.10)

The period for registration is open since January 26, 2012.

Payment of fees:

  • By bank transfer (all countries)

    Uno-e Bank
    bank's address: Julian Camarillo 4 C, 28037 Madrid, Spain
    IBAN: ES3902270001820201823142
    account holder: C. Martin – GRLMC
    account holder’s address: Av. Catalunya 35, 43002 Tarragona, Spain

  • By PayPal (only countries NOT in the European Economic Area - EEA)

Please mention SSTiC 2013 and your name in the subject. A receipt will be provided on site.


They are the same (a flat rate) for all people by the corresponding deadline. They give the right to attend all courses. Lunches are not included.

Registration deadlines and fees

Paid until [Euro]Full 4 days3 days2 days
February 26, 2013580

March 26, 2013590

April 26, 2013600

May 26, 2013610

June 26, 2013620540405270
July 26, 2013630550415280

There exists a full free registration (5 days), only for PhD students in Spanish universities.

Registration conditions

Please provide the following contact information: (bold fields are mandatory)!

1 The default values for City and Country fields are based on the client IP remote address. This information might be not very accurate (due to ISP policies, proxy connections, etc.), and we kindly ask you to provide the right values for the registration form.


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Speciality (if any):

Registration Type:

630 Euro: Full, 5 days

550 Euro: Partial, type E: Monday 22, Tuesday 23, Thursday 25 & Friday 26

550 Euro: Partial, type F: Tuesday 23, Wednesday 24, Thursday 25 & Friday 26

415 Euro: Partial, type D: Monday 22, Tuesday 23 & Wednesday 24

280 Euro: Partial, type A: Monday 22 & Tuesday 23

280 Euro: Partial, type B: Tuesday 23 & Wednesday 24

280 Euro: Partial, type C: Thursday 25 & Friday 26

0 Euro: Full, Free: 5 days (for PhD students in Spanish universities)

Supplementary information:

Arriving Date:

Departure Date:

Notes for organizers:

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