SLSP 2013 Accepted Papers

(alphabetically ordered by author names)

1) Karteek Addanki and Dekai Wu. Unsupervised Rhyme Scheme Identification in Hip Hop Lyrics using Hidden Markov Models
2) Abdessalam Bouchekif, Géraldine Damnati and Delphine Charlet. Complementarity of Lexical Cohesion and Speaker Role Information for Story Segmentation of French TV Broadcast News
3) Fethi Bougares, Mickael Rouvier, Nathalie Camelin, Paul Deléglise and Yannick Estève. An investigation of single-pass ASR system combination for Spoken Language Understanding
4) Samuel W. K. Chan and Mickey M. C. Chong. Predicting Part-of-Speech Tags and Morpho-Syntactic Relations using Similarity-based Technique
5) Horia Cucu, Andi Buzo, Laurent Besacier and Corneliu Burileanu. Statistical Error Correction Methods for Domain-Specific ASR Systems
6) Layla El Asri, Romain Laroche and Olivier Pietquin. Reward Shaping For Statistical Optimisation Of Dialogue Management
7) Marwa Graja, Maher Jaoua and Lamia Hadrich Belguith. Discriminative Framework for Spoken Tunisian Dialect Understanding
8) Akira Hayashi, Kazunori Iwata and Nobuo Suematsu. Finding the Most Likely Upper Level State Sequence for Hierarchical HMMs
9) Bassam Jabaian, Fabrice Lefèvre and Laurent Besacier. Generalization of Discriminative Approaches for Speech Language Understanding in a Multilingual Context
10) Stanisław Kacprzak and Mariusz Ziólko. Speech/Music Discrimination via Energy Density Analysis
11) Myung-Jae Kim, Il-Ho Yang and Ha-Jin Yu. Histogram Equalization Using Centroids of Fuzzy C-Means of Background Speakers’ Utterances for Speaker Identification
12) Amit Kirschenbaum. Unsupervised Segmentation for Different Types of Morphological Processes Using Multiple Sequence Alignment
13) Hans Moen and Erwin Marsi. Cross-Lingual Random Indexing for Information Retrieval
14) Attia Nehar, Djelloul Ziadi and Hadda Cherroun. Rational Kernels for Arabic Text Classification
15) Nobal Niraula, Rajendra Banjade, Dan Ştefănescu, and Vasile Rus. Experiments with Semantic Similarity Measures based on LDA and LSA
16) Javad Nouri, Lidia Pivovarova and Roman Yangarber. MDL-based Models for Transliteration Generation
17) Jordan Rodu, Dean P. Foster, Weichen Wu and Lyle H. Ungar. Using Regression for Spectral Estimation of HMMs
18) Markus Saers, Karteek Addanki and Dekai Wu. Iterative Rule Segmentation under Minimum Description Length for Unsupervised Transduction Grammar Induction
19) Horacio Saggion, Stefan Bott and Luz Rello. Comparing Resources for Spanish Lexical Simplification
20) Borbála Siklósi, Attila Novák and Gábor Prószéky. Correction of Spelling Errors in Hungarian Medical Documents
21) Felix Stahlberg, Tim Schlippe, Stephan Vogel and Tanja Schultz. Pronunciation Extraction from Phoneme Sequences through Cross-Lingual Word-to-Phoneme Alignment
22) Sanja Štajner and Richard Evans. Can Statistical Tests Be Used for Feature Selection in Diachronic Text Classification?
23) Luis Trindade, Hui Wang, William Blackburn and Niall Rooney. Factored Semantic Sequence Kernel for Sentiment Polarity Classification
24) Ngoc Thang Vu, Heike Adel and Tanja Schultz. An Investigation of Code-Switching Attitude Dependent Language Modeling