Instructions for Authors

Recommendations for Submitting

Your paper (if accepted) will be published in LNCS proceedings of the conference.

For detailed instructions about LNCS format, please consult:

Download the file All the instructions for the layout of the paper are given within (there is also an example of an article on pages 15-23 after compiling the .tex source).

In case of technical problems, please contact adrian.dediu (at)

Instructions for Camera Ready Copy (CRC)

Due to time restrictions in editing the volume, you are kindly asked to follow EXACTLY ALL the instructions (hence frontmatter fields, title case for titles of sections, subsectionsformat, bibliography, etc.). The use of the bibtex format together with the style splncs.bst provided by Springer is strongly recommended. Please take carefully into account the suggestions of the reviewers and upload the final version by next February 28 to:

There is a strict limit of 12 pages for regular contributions. This limit can not be surpassed in any case. The invited papers can excede this limit.

Files to be uploaded include the copyright form too, which can be obtained from the Springer website mentioned above.