Bus Information

On Monday morning there will be an extra bus leaving from Porta Nigra, platform 2 (see the map) at 08:40, labeled "SONDERFAHRT".

On Monday afternoon there will be another extra bus leaving from the conference site, Campus II, to Porta Nigra at 17:40, labeled "SONDERFAHRT".

IMPORTANT: All busses, extra as well as regular ones are free of charge for conference participants on presentation of their conference badge. On Monday morning you should mention the LATA conference to the bus driver as you do not yet have your badges.

For the remaining days consult the timetable for bus number 14. Bus number 14 leaves from Porta Nigra, platform 1, direction "Kürenz". Please get off at Universität, Campus II.

Another possibility is bus number 3 (number 83 in the evenings and on holidays). Get off at "Bonifatiusstrasse" (after approx. 15 minutes). The stops right before are called "Im Aveler Tal" and "Avelerhof". From there it is a 10 minutes' walk. Follow the street uphill (where the bus has vanished), until you get to a big roundabout (after ca 100m). There you turn 90° right, there is a big sign pointing to the supermarket "LIDL" and a bakery "Dietz". Always go straight, you can see LIDL in front of you, and right behind LIDL a big blue building (the only high building visible). This building is Campus II, the conference site. Enter the part of the building nearest to you (this part has only one or two storeys and is located around a small patio). There will probably be "LATA" signs pointing you to the conference site.

For more information also see: Regional Transportation Network Map.