International Summer School on Deep Learning

Bilbao, Spain, July 17-21, 2017

DeepLearn 2017 Registration Form

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    Address: Príncipe de Vergara, 125, 28002 Madrid, Spain
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Registration deadlines and fees (all 23:59 CET)

Paid until Euro
January 27, 2017310 Euro
February 24, 2017340 Euro
March 24, 2017370 Euro
April 21, 2017400 Euro
May 19, 2017430 Euro
June 16, 2017460 Euro
Regular registration
July 14, 2017
490 Euro
On-site registration520 Euro

Fees comprise access to all courses and lunches.

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Narendra Ahuja (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), [introductory/intermediate] Basics of Deep Learning with Applications to Image Processing, Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision

Pierre Baldi (University of California, Irvine), [intermediate/advanced] Deep Learning: Theory and Applications to the Natural Sciences

Sven Behnke (University of Bonn), [intermediate] Visual Perception using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Mohammed Bennamoun (University of Western Australia), [introductory/intermediate] Deep Learning for Computer Vision

Thomas Breuel (NVIDIA Corporation),[intermediate] Segmentation, Processing, and Tracking, with Applications to Video, Gaming, VR, and Self-driving Cars

George Cybenko (Dartmouth College), [intermediate] Deep Learning of Behaviors

Rina Dechter (University of California, Irvine), [introductory] Algorithms for Reasoning with Probabilistic Graphical Models

Li Deng (Citadel), [introductory/advanced] An Overview of Deep Learning for Speech, Image, Text, and Multi-modal Processing

Jianfeng Gao (Microsoft Research), [introductory/intermediate] An Introduction to Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing

Michael Gschwind (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center), [introductory/intermediate] Deploying Deep Learning Applications at the Enterprise Scale

Soo-Young Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), [intermediate/advanced] Emotion, Top-Down Attention, and Brain Internal States for Next-Generation Chatbots

Li Erran Li (Columbia University), [intermediate/advanced] Deep Reinforcement Learning: Recent Advances and Frontiers

Michael C. Mozer (University of Colorado, Boulder), [introductory/intermediate] Incorporating Domain Bias into Neural Networks

Roderick Murray-Smith (University of Glasgow), [intermediate] Applications of Deep Learning Models in Human-Computer Interaction Research

Hermann Ney (RWTH Aachen University), [intermediate/advanced] Speech Recognition and Machine Translation: From Statistical Decision Theory to Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks

Jose C. Principe (University of Florida), [intermediate/advanced] Cognitive Architectures for Object Recognition in Video

Marc'Aurelio Ranzato (Facebook AI Research), [introductory/intermediate] Learning Representations for Vision, Speech and Text Processing Applications

Maximilian Riesenhuber (Georgetown University), [introductory/intermediate] Deep Learning in the Brain

Ruslan Salakhutdinov (Carnegie Mellon University), [intermediate/advanced] Foundations of Deep Learning and its Recent Advances

Alessandro Sperduti (University of Padua), [intermediate/advanced] Deep Learning for Sequences

Jimeng Sun (Georgia Institute of Technology), [introductory] Interpretable Deep Learning Models for Healthcare Applications

Julian Togelius (New York University), [intermediate] (Deep) Learning for (Video) Games

Joos Vandewalle (KU Leuven), [introductory/intermediate] Data Processing Methods, and Applications of Least Squares Support Vector Machines

Ying Nian Wu (University of California, Los Angeles), [introductory/intermediate] Deep Generative Models and Unsupervised Learning

Eric P. Xing (Carnegie Mellon University), [intermediate/advanced] Statistical Machine Learning Perspectives of Extending Deep Neural Networks: Kernels, Logics, Regularizers, Priors, and Distributed Algorithms

Georgios N. Yannakakis (University of Malta), [introductory/intermediate] Deep Learning for Games - But not for Playing them

Scott Wen-tau Yih (Microsoft Research), [introductory/intermediate] Continuous Representations for Natural Language Understanding

Richard Zemel (University of Toronto), [introductory/intermediate] Learning to Understand Images and Text

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