Accepted Papers

(alphabetically ordered by author names)

1) Nikita Alexeev, Anna Pologova and Max Alekseyev. Generalized Hultman Numbers and the Distribution of Multi-break Distances
2) Bassam Alkindy, Christophe Guyeux, Jean-Francois Couchot, Michel Salomon, Christian Parisod and Jacques Bahi. Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and Lasso Test Approach for Inferring Well Supported Phylogenetic Trees based on Subsets of Chloroplastic Core Genes
3) Ruchi Chaudhary, David Fernandez-Baca and J. Gordon Burleigh. Constructing and Employing Tree Alignment Graphs for Phylogenetic Synthesis
4) Jesper Jansson and Ramesh Rajaby. A more practical algorithm for the rooted triplet distance
5) Shuai Jiang and Max Alekseyev. Implicit Transpositions in Shortest DCJ Scenarios
6) Radoslav Krivák and David Hoksza. P2RANK: knowledge-based ligand binding site prediction using aggregated local features
7) Christophe Ladroue and Sara Kalvala. Constraint-Based Genetic Compilation
8) Quan Nguyen and Teemu Roos. Likelihood-based inference of phylogenetic networks from sequence data by PhyloDAG
9) Benjamin Schiller, Sven Jager, Kay Hamacher and Thorsten Strufe. StreaM - a Stream-based Algorithm for Counting Motifs in Dynamic Graphs
10) Søren Kaae Sønderby, Casper Kaae Sønderby, Henrik Nielsen and Ole Winther. Convolutional LSTM Networks for Subcellular Localization of Proteins
11) Vladimir Ulyantsev and Mikhail Melnik. Constructing Parsimonious Hybridization Networks from Multiple Phylogenetic Trees Using a SAT-solver

General Statistics

Acceptance rate47.82%